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The Business

Welcome, and let me introduce you to a Company who has a scheme of 
You invest an amount ranging from as low as US$55/- (US$50/-
or even US$45/- through me) up to a maximum of US$310/- 
(US$305/- or even US$300/- through me) and You earn continuous 
phenomenal returns of minimum US$100/- 
(limited to US$1,500/- per day, i.e. US$10,500 per week) throughout your lifetime,
 depending upon your efforts. 
Unbelievable but true. 
Before introducing you to this wonderful opportunity, let us first analyze, 
what are the essential factors 
contributing to this ideal successful business:

1. Low Investment - 
Do not require a lot of money to start
   2. Global Market - 
You can work the business anywhere in the world
   3. Duplication - 
The business can be easily duplicated for continuous expansion
   4. Residual Revenue - 
You do the work once but receive income again & again
   5. Inheritable or Transferable - 
Ability to sell the business or transfer it to your heirs
6. Joint Ownership
Up to 8 partners can join to create one Business Account


Purchase A Diamond and also Beocome a Reseller and earn income in The BusinessM7D - The Company

My7Diamonds INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (M7D in short) has experience in international Diamond trading of over 2 generations.
 A member of its advisory committee is a Diamond Ambassador of the International Diamond High Council.
The sales/marketing and management team extends over twenty years of international business.
M7D has an extensive strengths in networking and e-commerce.
Volker Franz Binder (Austrian) is The Director. He has been in the diamond and antique business in Europe for more than 20 years
Internet presence and networking liscence was incorporated on 29th May, 2001 in the United States of America. 
M7D operates from its regional center in Dubai and service centers in and around Asia.


The Product

M7D offers a most affordable GENUINE DIAMOND of a GENUINE QUALITY 
M7D diamonds are from Antwerp, Belgium, originating from the 
DE BEERS mines. 
All diamonds are certified by International GemeoIogical Institute (IGI in short),
  located in Belgium.
It is the largest and the most famous diamond certification body 
in the world. 
Every diamond is certified and sealed by IGI in the original casing when delivered to customers of M7D.
Every single piece of diamond sold by M7D comes with laser inscription of the certificate's serial number and inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.

M7D Customers get value for their money at fair pricing. Compare apple to apple, meaning same grade, packaging, quality and certification from IGI.
Their prices are  5% up to 34% less then in the retail market,
depending on the location.

M7D offers diamonds of minimum 0.20 carats, H in color VS 1 in clarity. In this category, you may have choice of Princess, Heart, Pear, Oval, Marquise, Emerald or Round Brilliant Cut. These grade and quality are the minimum specifications, at M7D's discretion, at no extra cost.

M7D package its entry-level diamonds into pairs. With partial payment of only US$150/-, the price varies from - US$760/ up to US$900/ per pair. The pricing is inclusive of delivery to any major city worldwide.

You settle the balance in four ways:
A) Commit to pay at any time at your convenience, no interest, no penalty, no time frame, no time limit, and no expiration.
B) Use part of your cash commission earned through Customer Reward Program (CRP).
C) Use reward vouchers earned through Customer Reward Program (CRP).
D) Any combination of the above.


M7D Concept

The prettiest thing in the natural world was created for the most beautiful person in the world. The brilliance of diamonds ultimate tribute to a woman's beauty.

The concept behind the offer is to create affordability. With this we don't mean 
just the diamond,  but much more: 
Like financial security, children's education, independence, having a business from home, fulfilling your dreams and so on. 
Where there is provision, there is affordability. M7D is about creating this provision and, therefore, affordability to make you dreams come true whatever it may be.

The First Step: The diamond purchased from M7D is small and affordable. Buy a diamond and become a member on making Partial or Full Payment.
The Second Step:
Start earning "income" and "grow" the number of the diamonds, which can be fully paid for with the my7Diamonds CRP System. 
Participation in Customer Reward Program is free to all M7D Customers!
The Third Step: You can grow a "more than respectable" income legacy by sharing your dream and achieve Financial Freedom.


Customer Reward Program

M7D offers 4 Business Plans.

Weekly Income
Daily Flush
760 -900
15 Steps
760 -900
15 Steps
760 -900
15 Steps
760 -900
16 Steps

Below I am explaining 3/3B Plan with US$160/- partial payment. I will personally help you get customers under this Plan (or any other plan) as it is the most popular.

You have a maximum two Direct Customers, one is placed on your Right 
and the other on your Left. 
They can be introduced either by you or by me or any one else who is in your upline
You may introduce customers who are your directs or below your directs

In other words these
are Spillovers to your downline or Indirect Customers and does not affect you in any
way, as you earn override commission. 

You may place the new customer on your left or right group, and try to make the new sales count in your favor.
The company follows the "Friends Helping Friends" policy. Customers introduced by you also introduce two customers and the process continues. 
The customers on your Left form the Left Customer Group and those on your Right 
form the Right Customer Group.

Once you complete the First Step of having 3 customers on your Left and 3 customers
 on your Right (3 Left/3 Right), you earn a commission of US$100/-,
When you complete your Second Step of 3/3, you are again paid US$100/-. And so on. 
Each step of 3/3 earns you a commission of US$100. 
Five Steps
of 3/3 make One Orbit, after which a New Orbit starts.
At the First Step of each New Orbit you will be given a voucher of UD$50.00 in lieu of 
your commission, which you can exchange for a diamond.
That means you have 15/15 members in each orbit with your total commission of 
US$450 plus a Reward Voucher of US$50/-

You can have Infinite number of orbits and You continue to grow and receive unlimited 
income (subject to flush out condition)

Commissions calculated daily and paid to you once a week.
Limitation on payment of commission of maximum of US$1,500/- per day 
i.e. US$10,500 per week
Therefore, at any given day, if any BC earns USD1,500 for that day, then all other sales on that day will be flushed-out including accumulated sales or carry-over sales. 




This image may seem slightly distorted


My Virtual Office

The Business Account is set-up for you at the time of purchase. You are required to create a name for your business.

The Business Account is given to you free of charge. No admin fee, no joining fee, no membership fee, no set-up fee, no subscription fee, no annual fee, no subscription fee, no annual fee, no annual renewal, no monthly purchase requirement. Absolutely it is free, no strings attached.

My Virtual Office makes your life easier for you.
You can access anytime & anywhere to organize your commission, redemption, transfers, and update your particulars. 
In M7D, you also get reports of your sales, your down-lines's sales, estimates income and you can communicate with M7D office personnel whenever you need support.

Full Customer Report and Genealogy Report is available on your website. Hence
there is no need to maintain records as the company does it for you.

This business has a global reach with no boundaries offering products that will appeal
to people of different countries, cultural or religious backgrounds.

Work from home at your leisure as there are no targets or time limit or stocks to be

A Business Account can be treated like a property, you can sell, transfer or assign ownership and also carries an inheritance clause.

Income & Commission:
You have several options to withdraw from your Business Account:
    a) Release Commission: You receive your payment in a form of Check from M7D for full or partial payment of your choice.
    b) Transfer Funds: To any other members BA who is willing to en-cash your commission. 
    c) Direct Contra-Commission: You pay on behalf of your new customer from your commission income and receive payment directly from him/her.


Network  Marketing

M7D follows the principle of Network Marketing or  Word-Of-Mouth Marketing,
whereby the product is sold directly to the consumer. 
Network Marketing has been in existence for a long time and many companies 
around the globe have utilized this concept 
with immense benefit to their businesses (e.g. AMWAY, AVON, etc). 
If we were to look around us in our daily life, we have been practicing Network Marketing 
but minus the returns. 
To give you an example, when you buy a product and are satisfied with it, 
you tell your friends.
They go and buy the same product but you do not get any returns on this sale 
You have no arrangement with the seller of the product. 
But fortunately for us this M7D does offer us commissions on the customers 
we refer to them.


Team Work

TEAM WORK is manifested as Down-line/Up-line depend on each other to 
progress with their business.
Initially the business maybe slow to start, but accelerates as your network grows, 
as there are more and more members 
in your downline working towards promoting the business.

Both the introducer and the new member benefit from the scheme as commission
structure is uniform
for all.


Become a Member

How can You get a Business Center from M7D?
You may simply go to the bottom of this page and fill in the form. I charge you less 
than M7D and also offer you
 lots of other benefits and free ebooks to develop your skills in marketing.

You may also like to visit the M7D website http// and include 
my Business Account as your introducer. 
My BA is MY-SURTI   My BA ID is 187415
Follow the instructions as you go along. This will lead you to complete the purchase order.
You must copy the order number and other details 
(or print the last page where it says "thank you"). Send this order number to me and I shall confirm your order.
You can make payment directly to M7D. Visit their web site where you shall get details of how to make payments.


My Offer

What do I offer more than my7Diamonds International

The Customer Reward Program from M7D brings you cash out of Internet. And it comes with these six bonuses when I introduce you: 

  • "Million Dollar Emails"                      Worth $495.00 
  • "Bonus Auto-Responder Software"   Worth $125.00 
  • "Internet Business Plans"                    Worth $125.00 
  • "Business Plans  Series - Check List"  Worth $245.00 

And as I mentioned, if you order by
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, I'll include these additional brand new bonuses, which I've never offered before:

  • "A123eBusiness Guide for Beginners" Worth $329.00 (139 pages of shear content with 1000s of useful links)
  • "How to build a successful business on the Internet" (eBook) 

This is a total value of $1,319+ in free bonuses -- including two.

If you're ready to join the Business Account, click here now and claim these additional two bonuses. I personally will help you develop your Business and duplicate myself for you. I will help you achieve your Financial Freedom. Otherwise, I guarantee to help you sell your Business Account for $150 and gift you all of the bonuses (worth over $1,319) as my way of saying "thanks."

If you decide to join in the business, I personally guarantee that you will receive minimum 6 customers through me for an equal number from you. This means that you can be entitled for US$200 under Customer Reward Program. Otherwise 
  1. These secrets and the $1,319 in bonuses are yours to keep and,
  2.  I'll buy your business account with a $150 cashier's check.

 Quaid Joher

Did I tell you that the Company charges US$150.00 per Business Account for 3/3B Plan.  Actually You only pay US$145.00 as I pay  US$5.00 when you take the Business Account through me. Order Now

Whats More: I will pay you back US$5.00 when you bring in the first customer under your downline.  Isn't this great?

Whats More: I will introduce you to my other web pages where you can fill in names and emails of your prospective customers and I will personally educate them as well as try to convince them to join us.

I have made life so much easier for you.  The decision is yours. Join Now

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